The development of the signage typeface Wayfinding Sans Pro by Ralf Herrmann

A typeface on a sign that is read from 300 yards has different requirements than a typeface read in a magazine, from your armchair. And even if the typefaces are designed specifically for signage, they are often a local solution that just doesn’t work everywhere. For example, the Transport typeface used in the U.K. is a very good and legible design, but it is designed for English words and names and is far too wide for the generally longer names of German cities. Another example is the Clearview typeface with its extreme x-height, which works on American road signs, but not so well for languages using numerous diacritical marks. So in the end, for every typeface I checked and tested, I discovered both advantages and disadvantages. There was not a single typeface that I could recommend for signage in every situation.


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