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Frank Miller Inteviews and Documentary

Frank Miller (born January 27, 1957)[6] is an American writer, artist, and film director best known for his dark comic book stories and graphic novels such as Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. He also directed the film version of The Spirit, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City and produced the film 300. He is also known for creating the comic book character Elektra (comics). Source wikipedia.

Frank Miller the interview part 1

Frank Miller the interview part 2

Frank Miller Documentary

Artists Target Comic Sexism By Tarting Up A Male Icon


In the poster for The Avengers, inescapable this past spring, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was the only superhero whose assets were displayed as perhaps they would be on the poster for a porno parody version of the movie. Everyone else got to look like ass-kicking saviors ready for battle; she looked like Cirque Du Soleil: After Hours. The poster was sent up in a widely Reddit-circulated image of all the Avengers posed in a likewise fashion, ridiculing this disparity. Now a new project called The Hawkeye Initiative is drawing even more attention to it… with drawings.

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Comic Book Artist: Michael Cho

Michael Cho is a nominated illustrator that, although he nowadays work more as comissioned illustrator, he already had some good time as a book cover illustrator, with web comics and as cartoonist. Also, his outstanding retro style is undeniably influenced by comics.


A project called Me2 from @KomicKarl

The project is called Me2 created by Karl Altstaetter. It’s all about a girl named Crystal who posesses multiple personalities, each one of them has their own individual super power. The story focuses on Crystal as she learns more about this “power” all the while trying to control it, being a normal teenager and of course staying one step ahead of the evil forces trying to control her and her ability.

It’s been created with the young adult reader in mind and brings down to earth super hero ideas, with a “Romeo and Juliet” theme. It reflects that time in our lives when we don’t know exactly who we are and which part of our personality is going to shape who we become later in life. The multiple personalities are a metaphor for that moment in life and the confusion we all go through. It contains action, adventure and wild character designs but the focus is on the characters and the dynamics of their relationships.

It’s being created exclusively for MTV’s sub brand MTV Geek launching on 22nd September 2011 and will also be available through Comixology the leader in digital comic distribution through itunes.

The goal is to create a super hero comic for a new generation available via the web and very soon via mobile devices ie. iPad or other tablets.

Check out some more artwork below…

All images belong to Karl Altstaetter ©2011

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Follow Karl Altstaetter on Twitter via @Komickarl or see more of his work via his portfolio site here.

Comics, Stories and Toys via @Komickarl

Karl Altstaetter, he’s the guy with ideas. He makes comics, tell stories and invents toys.

A little background and then a few words from Karl:

I got my start in the Comic Book industry where I worked for Marvel, DC and Image Comics, working on such characters as X-Men, Avengers, Superman and Bloodstrike. Eventually I started my own publishing company Hyperwerks where I co-created the comics Deity, Saint Angel and Catseye. I’ve also spent time in the toy industry where I created the Marvel Authentics line of Die Cast cars. I am currently developing an exclusive digital comic for MTV called Me2 which will appear on the MTV Geek website and will be available through Comixology for the IPad later this year.

Inspiration for Karl is two things. On the most basic level it’s what makes him want to create a specific piece of art. That can be anything from a story he wants to tell in Comic Book form to the desire to express a particular emotion in a standalone piece. On a different level it’s about finding the inspiration to keep making art.

“If I didn’t feel the love of creating or the want to learn I don’t think I would be inspired to keep making art. Pushing through the clutter of daily life and trying to find that place where you are inspired to push your art forward either on a technical level or on a conceptual/expression level is a challenge. I believe finding that inspiration is the key to finding a new plateau with your art.” says Karl.

I’m inspired by many things. I try and take in a lot of information and always be in the mindset to learn and observe. Being open to the world around me and to new ideas is for me the key to being constantly inspired to do new work. Every couple years I’ll going back and look through art work that inspired me when I first started making art so I can reengage with those first feelings that got me on the path to becoming an artist. Finding the balance between looking forward and looking back while living in the moment I think is a big part of what artists do. Capturing the moment and casting it through your own filter is where the magic happens.

In terms of getting over a lack of inspiration I’ll start looking at my old sketchbooks and see ideas that I had. Often times those will lead to new ideas or give me the inspiration to complete those ideas. I also will do my best to just log time at my drawing table. Just being in the place where I create with a block of undisturbed time is often all I need to get the creative fires going. I also have a monthly meet up I host called Koffee and Komics. We meet, talk shop and draw from a theme. Watching other artists in the group work always makes me want to draw more. Often times after the meeting I’ll go back to my studio and draw late into the night. I also attend Bob Kato’s Drawing Club from time to time. Drawing from life is always a source of much inspiration because to me it’s the jumping off point for all other types of drawings you may do. You have to have that basic idea of how things look in real life in order to bring authenticity to more fantasy or imagination based drawings.

All images belong to Karl Altstaetter ©2011

Follow Karl Altstaetter on Twitter via @Komickarl or see more of his work via his portfolio site here.