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Look over the watchmakers’ shoulders

Plenty of tradition and handcraft—combined with high-tech, where it outperforms handcraft: That is NOMOS Glashütte. All our movements are built in-house and by ourselves in Glashütte. This also applies to our watches—Tangente, Orion, Zürich and all the other models—many of which are already considered classics. You can find out how we do this by visiting us in Glashütte and taking a tour. In the meantime, this short film can give you a first impression of what we do.

Ampersand: The Making Of

The beautiful and unique Ugmonk Premium Ampersand is now available for you to own. Each 18-inch tall ampersand balances effortlessly on a hand-buffed stainless steel plate thanks to a super-strong magnet hidden in its base. The hand-finishing process and natural woodgrain make each ampersand a one of a kind art piece.

Creating each ampersand is an intricate process. We thought you might enjoy seeing them come to life as they are crafted right here in Downingtown, PA, so we filmed some behind the scenes footage. Each ampersand is custom cut, sanded, hand-stained and laquered, and shipped in custom packaging to assure safe delivery.

Genghis Kern – Letterpress And Design

Genghis Kern is a Denver-based letterpress shop that strives to keep the art of letterpress alive. They acknowledge the emotion attached to major events in a person’s life, or the pride in one’s business and strive to instill those feelings into each piece.

The Belt Project

Lovely to see how much work goes into something most take for granted. A little video filmed and directed by my friend, JD Hooge. This documents the belt wear-in project​wear/​belt-making