R27.CREATIVELAB – Creative Guns for Hire
Rajesh Pancholi, UI / UX Design & Visual Communications.


R27 – based in Wellington, NZ. Working in the areas of UI & UX Design, Logo & Identity, Online Design, Brochures & Marketing Collateral. Working in the creative industry since 1994, all the while gathering experience alongside various teams developing innovative ways for audiences to engage with brands and products. – whether it starts with a blank sheet and creating something fresh, revitalising interfaces or optimising user journeys.


Having the opportunity to learn and understand is key to the way I work, and helps me bring freshness to each project. I treat each new brief as a portfolio piece, whatever the budget, never underestimating its value and influence. Understanding that design needs to be aesthetically pleasing but much more importantly, on brand and functional is key to the work that I do. All the while working alongside like-minded team members.


Its always been crucial to build strong relationships with clients directly or through marketing agencies who may have opened otherwise closed doors. Whatever the means of first contact the end-client/user is always at the forefront of every decision. Here’s a small selection of clients of varying areas of expertise from small businesses to much larger corporates that I’ve had the privilege to work for…

• Adviser Services

• Amazon (UK)

• Barclaycard (UK)

• BMW Group (UK)

• Bupa (UK)

• Chaz Brooks Communications

• Cisco Systems

• Cognac Systems Limited

• Denison Designs

• DeskLodge

• Epson

• EE - Everything Everywhere

• Fitstuff

• Flow Interactive

• 4 Thought

• GE Healthcare

• GB Executive Solutions

• Hewlett Packard

• HR in Practice

• International Press Production

• iOptics

• NComputing

• NearDesk

• Novo Nordisk

• O2 Telefonica (UK)

• OKI Systems (UK)

• Opus Creates

• Orange (UK)

• Parkgroup

• Philips (UK)

• Retail Property Services

• Shell (UK)

• Sisco Seafoods

• Tandberg (UK & EMEA)

• Tesco Mobile

• T-Mobile (UK)

• Tenero

• VirtualStock

• Vodafone (Group)

• Volkswagen Group (UK)