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UI & UX Design & Visual Communications.


I’ve worked in UI & UX Design, Product Design, Logo & Identity and Marketing Collateral for many years. Gathering experience alongside individuals and teams within small businesses to large corporates and founders at the very early stages of their business venture. Designing meaningful experiences that shape how we interact with brands, products and technology – whether it starts with a blank sheet, creating design systems, updating interfaces or optimising and creating new user journeys.


Seeking to design with intention for a purpose. The opportunity to learn and understand is vital to how I undertake each challenge, never underestimating its value and influence. Understanding that design needs to solve a problem, be functional as much as being aesthetically pleasing. All the while looking to work alongside like-minded individuals ready to take on the next design challenge or “wicked” problem (a term first coined by Horst Rittel, design theorist and professor of design methodology).


Its crucial to build strong relationships within the business you work in or with clients directly. Making sure the end-user is always at the forefront of every decision. Here’s a small selection of clients of varying areas of expertise from young businesses to large corporates that I’ve had the privilege to work with and meet.

• Adviser Services

• Amazon (UK)

• Barclaycard (UK)

• BMW Group (UK)

• Bupa (UK)

• Chaz Brooks Communications

• Cisco Systems

• Cognac Systems Limited

• Denison Designs

• DeskLodge

• Epson

• EE - Everything Everywhere

• Fitstuff

• Flow Interactive

• 4 Thought

• GE Healthcare

• GB Executive Solutions

• Hewlett Packard

• HR in Practice

• International Press Production

• Kiwi Wealth (NZ)

• NComputing

• NearDesk

• Novo Nordisk

• O2 Telefonica (UK)

• OKI Systems (UK)

• Optimal Workshop (NZ)

• Opus Creates

• Orange (UK)

• Philips (UK)

• Retail Property Services

• Shell (UK)

• Sisco Seafoods

• Tandberg (UK & EMEA)

• Tesco Mobile

• T-Mobile (UK)

• Tenero

• VirtualStock

• Vodafone (Group)

• Volkswagen Group (UK)