Barclaycard – Discovery & Creation


UI designer for BPS project.

I worked across the program BPS (Barclaycard Payment Solutions) – Digital Transformation for the projects Online Application (OLA released up to 1M turnover) & Barclaycard Merchant Portal (BMP still to be released).

As part of a fully agile team I helped with the discovery phase for a plethora of backlogged features for BMP:
– 2 Factor Authentication for BMP & OLA
– Search, Filter & Sort for BMP
– Hierarchies and Entitlements for BMP
– Calendar Patterns for BCDL (Barclaycard Design Language) and OLA
– Reporting Formats and Content Exploration for BMP

From these activities we created through the use of GV (Google Ventures) Design Sprints a multitude of deliverables that have informed and prioritised the delivery roadmap for BMP.

Through this research we have understood that to deliver Search, Filter & Sort was a customer expected feature at transaction level, what we discovered was that to offer a valuable experience, drive customer Self-Serve and reduce reliance on paper and customer calls to Customer Service Team, we would need to explore methods that would deliver consumable reporting that customers can rely on right at their BMP account.

Due to the way Barclaycard has customer hierarchies, we understood that these have direct implication on the data reported, so by discovering this, we were able to inform the Product Owner that has made the informed decision to prioritise the discovery piece on Hierarchies and Entitlements, where we discovered that the lack of a “real world equivalent” to categorise and organise customer Hierarchies may result in a complex delivery of comprehensive reporting.

My participation on these activities has increased team awareness and sympathy towards the issues UI Designers have when the proposed and tested solution makes use of patterns that are incompatible with the established Design System and brand narrative.

To represent all this we as a small team have created Customer Journey Maps, SWOT analysis, XD prototypes, Paper Prototypes, Wall of Insights, Interviewed customers and Experts from across the business.