Barclays – Wealth Management App


UI designer for Wealth Management App

The DIAS (International Affluent Services application) Team based at 1CP tasked Barclays Insight & Experience Design Team to create & deliver new user journeys that could be integrated into a mobile application that would ‘were possible’ utilize existing application frameworks. The project time line set specific delivery requirements that required the UX/UI team to work in a very agile manner – delivering clear and concise wireframe prototypes to senior stakeholders within fixed sprint timelines.

It was clear from the outset that the project time line would determine our way of working. Each week, specific user stories were identified by senior stakeholders and were then assigned to the UX/UI team to work on. In most cases the UX/UI team were working in parallel with project BA’s and through daily standups individual stories were crafted and iterated during the sprint. Prior to the end of each sprint, low fidelity prototypes were presented to the business PO, iterations were made with final prototypes being presented by the UX/UI team to all senior stakeholders at the end of each weekly sprint.

The business objectives have been reviewed and the delivery requirements for the UX/UI team have now been clearly identified for MVP1. The focus of work has identified specific stories that need to be delivered for MVP1. Working in a rapid, Agile framework will enable the UX/UI team to deliver work both efficiently and effectively to meet the tight deadlines of the project and deliver an application that will help generate numerous income streams to the respective audience through specific bank product offerings.